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Ledlenser P4

With this penlight, Brightness is written with a capital B.

The size of a ballpoint pen, the P4 looks rather ordinary when you place it securely in your shirt pocket using its handy clip. But its light output is more than impressive: Up to 18 lumens are cast into the darkness extending as far as 25 m. And its special lens creates a full beam of light with an unmistakable blue edge.
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Special Information

  1. High Power LED

    This LED enables your Ledlenser to achieve high luminosity.

  2. Light Functions

    • Power - optimised light output
  3. Switches

    • End Cap Switch - a switch on the end of the light (end cap)
  4. Special Functions

    • Advanced Focus System - single-handed adjustment of the focus to put light where it is needed
    • Increased Battery Life - efficiency technology to optimise overall run time
  5. IP-Class

    • IPX4 - protection against water splashing from any direction
  6. Casing

Product Contents

Ledlenser P4

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  • P4
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