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Ledlenser i7

Portable light for industry professionals.

The i7 is a high-power flashlight for industrial applications. Tough and compact, it will fit easily in the hand, pocket or case of any worker. It features Rapid Focus so you can easily adjust the light cone, and lock it place if needed. Additionally, the i7 features the Ledlenser patented Advanced Focus System allowing you to transition light from a broad flood beam to a sharply focused long-distance beam with an impressive range up to almost 1,000 feet. There are three light settings, providing powerful illumination up to 450 lumens to focus where you need light most.
Regular price $80.95

Special Information

  1. Light Functions

    • Power - high light output for every situation
    • Mid Power - medium light output for every situation
    • Low Power - economical light for long battery life, glare-free reading and working
  2. Switches

    • End Cap Switch - a switch on the end of the light (end cap)
  3. Special functions

    • Advanced Focus System (AFS) Technology - the patented Advanced Focus System with reflector lense enables efficient, tailored lighting
    • Long operational time - Up to 25 hours in the lowest setting
    • Robust, rubberised end cap - The switch is made out of oil- and fuel-resistant NBR
    • Secure hold - Special diamond ribbed surface, ideal with oily or wet hands
  4. IP-Class

    • IP54 - Protection against water projected in powerful spray